Back in business

I woke up this morning still slightly congested, but feeling much better!  Although, I have to admit, knowing I had only a half day of work to muster through definitely helped motivate me!  I am a special education teacher at a private school, and it was our last day before our Christmas break.  We had a fun-filled holiday party equipped with holiday tunes, card making, and goodies.  I brought cookies (store bought…c’mon give me a break I was sick).  I didn’t delve into the goods though…I am trying to save cals for the actual big day!

I even felt well enough to hit the gym!  The lungs and stuffy nose had me focusing more on strength rather than cardio.  I did 15 minutes on the elliptical then completed an ab/arm circuit that took me about 30 minutes.  I finished up walking 3.5mph on the treadmill at 7% incline.  It felt good to work out!

When I got home from the gym, I was pretty hungry and wanted to try this new recipe I found at, one of my go-to websites for healthy meals.  Black Bean & Salmon Tostadas, was on the menu in our household tonight!  I made them exactly as the recipe says, except I used plain Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt.  I used it as a garnish instead of mixed into the black beans, as the recipe called for.  Ohh…and I also found these really great whole wheat tortillas by Ortega, I substituted these for corn tortillas.  They came out pretty well,

My version of the tostadas

however…Matt & I both did not like the salmon in it, but liked all the other flavors.  I think I will use this recipe again but definitely substitute ground turkey or shredded chicken instead of the salmon.  Also, I love salmon, but I realized I am not a fan of canned salmon. Just not that into you canned salmon, sorry.

Well I am on vacation now!  A week and a half off…fabulous!  Tomorrow I have some cleaning to do around here, then I am headed to Nashua to do some shopping with my mom & go out to eat at night with my girlfriends!  Good stuff..good stuff!  2 days till Christmas!

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