Dessert Breakfast

First day of vacation and it feels so good!  Mr. Cooking in NH had to work today, he works in the special education field, too.  He did text me with good news though- he got December 30 and 31 off! Yay!  We have plans to head to Sugar Loaf to ring in the new year with some friends!  Should be a blast!

Since I am dining out for dinner tonight with my dear friends, I figured I would share what I had for breakfast.  First off, I have recently discovered Bagel Thins at the grocery store and I LOVE THEM!  They are only 110 delicious calories and they come in 100% whole wheat!

Only 110 calories!

I put all natural peanut butter on one side of the bagel, and sugar free strawberry preserves on the other.  I balanced it out with a clementine and of course my beloved coffee.  I used my Keurig and had a Mocha Nut Fudge coffee and used my Peppermint Mocha Coffeemate.  Tasted just like a peppermint hot chocolate! Now that’s a way to start the day!

I felt like I had dessert for breakfast!

Check out my cute coffee mug by Life is good.  It says “United we ride.”  Matt has a matching green one!  We got them for a wedding gift from a co-worker.

Sooo…what’s up for the rest of this morning?  I plan to do one of my pilates workout DVDs, and get some of the laundry & cleaning done around here.  Then get ready and I am off to Nashua for shopping and nails with mom!  I think I am going to get a french manicure with a little snowflake painted on my ring fingers!  Then probably some cardio on my parents’ elliptical, shower, and to Unwined with the girls!  Unwined is a delicious restaurant in Manchester, and I usually fall for the cheese fondue and a wine flight! HEAVEN!  Will post tomorrow! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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