Healthy Eating after the Holidays

I, along with many other ladies out there I’m sure, am trying to get back on track after having a few too many Lindt chocolate balls, holiday baked goodies, and glasses of wine. Yesterday wasn’t too bad of an eating day (besides the beers during the Patriots game), but I definitely was craving the veggies & fruit today- which brings me to my lunch. I made a HUGE salad with romaine lettuce, celery, green onions, carrots, cabbage, leftover chicken fingers, and juicy little mandarins (love these!).

Delicious!  I ate this right after I played Just Dance 2.  I discovered that there is a section called “Just Sweat” and it tracks your “sweat points”.  You can even make goals for yourself.  I did three of the hardest ones and then a couple easier ones.  I know I said this before, but it really is a workout.  My legs were sore this morning from yesterday!  I love this game & totally recommend it!  I am also interested in Wii Fit, but don’t know anyone that has it.  Anyone know if it’s any good?

This afternoon I cleaned the kitchen and re-organized my cabinets, while I waited for Matt to pick me up after work to go skiing at Crotched Mountain.  I packed some healthy snacks for skiing, since we weren’t eating dinner and there are not too many healthy choices in the lodge. I packed 50% fat free cheese, whole grain chips, Triscuits, veggies, nuts, and a Clif bar for Matt.

Matt scooped me up and we were on our way to meet Matt’s brother, Mike and his better half, Megan at the mountain.  They had been there since 11am and had skied about 2-3 hours total already!  We were just there for the night skiing, and we only lasted about 2 hours for a couple of reasons:  it was our first time out this year and  it was so COLD and WIIIIINDDDDDY!   At some points the wind was holding Megan and I back, and we could barely move!  I was definitely dressed appropriately for the weather, though. 

Ashlee’s Whine Proof Ski Outfit:

  • Sports bra
  • Tank top
  • Thermal long-sleeved shirt
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
  • Warmest sweater I own
  • Ski jacket (with fleece insert)
  • Yoga pants
  • Pajama pants
  • Ski pants
  • Thin knee high socks
  • Smartwool socks…these are the best wool socks..EVER
  • Swany mittens…another item I am very picky about when skiing…the ones I have are even called Toaster! And they have gloves inside the mitten!
  • EMS Techwick Ski mask
  • Fleece neck warmer
  • Helmet
  • Goggles

This is what I have to wear when it is this cold (today was in the teens or less at the mountain!), or I become extremely whiny.  I have been known to say things like, “Is this supposed to be fun?”, or break out into actual tears.  Yeah…lovely.  That is why I developed my fool-proof stay warm outfit.  If one piece is missing- LOOK OUT! 😉

Despite the cold & wind, we had a blast!  The conditions were great (fresh powder), Matt & Mike were making us laugh constantly, and we took the quad a bunch, so it was like one big happy family all on one chair, haha!  I love spending time with family, especially when we can share such a great interest!

Wow, I am tired!  Time for some relaxation before bed!  Goodnight!

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2 Responses to Healthy Eating after the Holidays

  1. briarrose says:

    It is hard to get back on track after all the goodies offered during the holidays. 😉

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