A little family fun before back to reality!

Matt and I slept at my parents last night and this afternoon we had the final family party of the season.  We had a great time, great food, and Matt got to play his first game of “Guessture’s”, a family classic that we have been playing for years.

Our team won…naturally, but according to my Aunt Louise (who was doing dishes while we were playing) the teams weren’t fair.  Well…nobody knew that Matt was going to be such a natural, and Emily’s boyfriend was really good, too!

After our family fun, we headed to Trader Joe’s and the grocery store.  After our holiday fun this year, we are really trying to have a healthy week, and we definitely got a lot of fresh veggies, healthy grains, and other good choices.  (We do not typically buy many fruits during the winter, since they offer fresh fruit for free where we work.)  Here’s some of my fave picks from Trader Joes:

Almond butter, dried cranberries, Greek yogurt, Israeli cous cous- the food so good they had to name it twice 😉 , and red quinoa.  I guess I will be eating a lot of yogurt because I got more at the grocery store…

…and I still have a few Stonyfield’s in the fridge. 😀

We had leftovers of the chicken broccoli pasta my mom sent us home with for dinner, and after dinner I chopped some of my veggies for the week for faster meals.

Tommorow, it’s back to reality!  After a week and a half off, it’s hard to get back in the swing of things…but I’ll be putting my best foot forward.

Alright, now I am going to snuggle up & finish the movie we’re watching.  We are watching “Nell”, I have never seen it before, but it’s pretty interesting since I am a special ed teacher.  Night night!

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