Chili craving…

So at the school that I work at, one of the home ec. classes makes a “soup of the week” for a small donation (I usually give a couple bucks).  They send out an e-mail the day before, so you know what’s coming.  While some of them are not my cup of soup, they are ALL equally delicious.  I didn’t check my e-mail last night, so I did not get word that the soup for today was “crowd pleasin’ chili” with all the fixin’s (YUM!).  I scoured my purse for what little change I had but by the time I got there it was all gone.  😦  I had to settle for a salad and an orange.

When I got home I was still craving chili, but even though I can whip up a fast weeknight chili, I wanted to be cooked for…like I would have been if I had been if I had made to the home ec. classroom in time.  I persuaded Matt Matt and I decided as a couple that we would go to one of our fave pubs for some din din. 

I got the vegetarian chili to satisfy my craving.  I didn’t have my camera, but it is SO SERIOUSLY GOOD.  It has so many veggies, beans, and I get it with the works.  I also had Peak Organic IPA, which was delish and went well with the spice in my chili.  😉

When we got home we played some games on the Wii to at least somewhat make up for the fact that we didn’t make it to the gym.  And I did six dances on Just Dance 2, my fave new Wii game.

Ahh, so it’s supposed to snow here tomorrow and Saturday.  As of now, just 3-5 inches, but it’s New England we’re talking about, so you never know.  I still my find myself dreaming of here…

Matt & I went to Aruba for our honeymoon this past October.  We LOVED it!  When can we go back?  I’ll have to make a page or post more about our trip to Aruba, because I highly recommend it.  Aruba IS “One Happy Island”! 😀 

Tomorrow’s Friday!

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2 Responses to Chili craving…

  1. bridget says:

    Hey! Casey worked at a brewery a few years ago and he use to actually make Peak Organic IPA 🙂

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