Cozy, Snowed In, & No Paprika

Wish granted…I was snowed in for the majority of the day!  Matt, however, was able to make it to work safely in his trusty Subaru.  Which meant that I was left to do all the shoveling!  At first I was all like, “Great!  This will be my work out for the day!”  After shoveling for the second time, I had other thoughts. And about yesterday’s post: I like snow…when my husband is home to shovel!!! 😉

Well, it was a very productive day full of shoveling, laundry, progress reports, cleaning, and shoveling.  After my last round of shoveling, I bravely ventured out to the grocery store and picked up some brown sugar for my dinner recipe and some Chardonnay (the essentials, obviously). 

When I got home I pumped up some Taylor Swift on Pandora and whipped up some 30 min. Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken, thanks to Jenna @ Eat, Live, Run.  It is a recipe that mixes the flavors of lemon & paprika.  This recipe was also featured by Kristin at Iowa Girl Eats, and she said it tasted like Sesame Chicken…so I added toasted sesame seeds for good measure.

I DID NOT HAVE PAPRIKA!  About two weeks before I moved into my house, my mom & I went out to get every spice I would need…sorry, paprika, for some reason you were overlooked!   I was not about to go back out, so I did the best I could and used a Mediterranean spice mix that had paprika in it.  Here’s what I ended up with:

The improvisation worked out just fine!  The chicken was cooked to perfection and was super tasty!  I steamed some broccoli and took a shortcut by making a 90 sec. Uncle Ben rice mix.  Great satisfying meal on a cold winter day (of shoveling)!

Is it snowy where you are?  One of my friends told me that Hawaii is the only state without snow!  Is this true?  Matt & I are Florida bound come April, and we are really missing Aruba and need some tropical temps…so let’s end the chilly trend there way before!

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2 Responses to Cozy, Snowed In, & No Paprika

  1. Michelle says:

    It is definitely snowy here in Alaska!

    My husband drives a Subaru too, and I’m pretty sure he loves it more than me! (j/k)

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