Baked Potato Bar for the Super Bowl!

Yesterday I was craving a good ole baked potato.  Matt and I decided to make this our dinner, and had all the fixin’s out for the potatoes. 

Among the line up were reduced fat shredded sharp cheddar, steamed broccoli, chives, turkey bacon, and fat free sour cream.  OMG…sooo good! 

Whoa…looking at this picture makes me hungry!  A baked potato bar would be great for a Super Bowl party, too.  You could make up some chili to go with it, or maybe even put it on top! 

The Super Bowl isn’t the only great thing to tune into on the TV today.  On the Food Network they are having a “Covered in Chocolate” weekend, and I’ve already seen so many things I want to make!  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Matt and I are planning to cook together and stay in for a nice romantic dinner.  Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple!

So I was a bad girl, and I haven’t posted in over a week! 😳 Things have been crazy at work, and I have been putting my time into making my new classroom a success.  I’ve realized that I need to work on balancing my time between the things I have going on in my life.  Blogging is definitely a great outlet for me, so I am going to set aside time from now on to make sure I can sit down and write.  So expect to hear from me more often! 😀

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