Pickity Place

Since I have the week off, I came to visit my family for a couple of days.  I got here last night and my mom and I tuned into “The Bachelor”.  Luckily, she has been watching, too.  This week, I loved Ashley’s home date.  I thought she was cute as a button and she just seems like a really happy person.  Her hometown way up north in Maine was so cute!  Some of my other thoughts during the show were:  “OMG! Chantal’s family’s house looks like a museum!”, “Wow, what a creepy job Shawntel has!”, and “Hmmm…why is Brad always so serious?!  Loosen up man!” 

Today I went with my mom, grandmother, and aunt to Pickity Place, located in the small town of Mason, NH.  This cute little place serves up a 5 course gourmet lunch.  You have a choice between 2 entrees.  Today they served up vegetable dip and crackers, sweet potato soup (AMAZING!), caesar salad, vegetable cheese blintzes (my pick) or herb crusted pork loin, and the star of my meal…the chocolate raspberry cupcake!


Mmm!  After our lunch, my mom and I went out for a little shopping.  We even made a stop at Trader Joe’s, my fave!   Of course I had to break into my chips and salsa when we got back.

The chips rock!  I’ve been hooked on them for a couple of years now.  I usually buy another kind of salsa when I go, but this salsa peaked my interest because it was more of a restaurant style.  It was awesome!

Off to kick back and watch some TV.  My mom and I might watch that controversial Amanda Knox movie on DVR. 

Tomorrow I will be a quarter of a century!

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