Wok This Way!

On the way home from a mini mountain vaca to the mountains, we stopped at the outlets and I got a wok in the kitchen store!  I had a wok on my registry when we got married, but did not end up getting it.  I love stir fries so I’ve been dying to get one!  I decided to test it out tonight, and saw a recipe for Thai peanut noodles on Iowa Girl Eats.  I followed the recipe, but added more tofu and skipped the chicken.

Here’s my new wok, hard at work!

 I thought these noodles were amazing!!!

The flavor was so yummy in this dish, and I love the edamames in it! 

In other news, Matt and I decided we are going to try a new fruit every week.  This week it was the Minneola tangelo, which apparently is a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine.


These were very juicy and sweet.  Matt thought they had less of an acidic taste than  oranges.  Score: 7/10  🙂

Happy Monday!  Matt and I are watching Grown Ups right now.  We really like this movie, but we realized that movies we watched while flying to Aruba, we are extremely partial to.  Just married, on our way to paradise, we could have watched the absolute worst movie in the world and liked it!  Haha…as I was writing this Matt just yelled out, “I WANNA GO TO ARUBA!”  This isn’t the only time we’ve been dreaming about Aruba this winter.  I’m hoping within the next couple years…

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2 Responses to Wok This Way!

  1. So glad you liked the noodles and I love your idea of trying a new fruit each week. Sounds like fun!

    • cookinginnh says:

      Loved them! Thanks for the recipe! Our grocery store has tons of interesting fruits that I’ve never tried before, so I figured I had to take advantage! 🙂

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