How Sweet It Is

My dear husband has a new hobby…

Making homemade maple syrup!  Which does have its positives and negatives for me.  Positives include having maple syrup for recipes, its way cheaper than buying it, and it makes for a cool gift to give friends and family.  The BIG negative is that he is doing all the boiling in our kitchen. Grrrrrr.  Oh well, you have to pick your battles, I guess.  And life is way to short to fight over maple syrup! 😉

In the limited space I was allotted in the kitchen, I managed to whip up the Tomato Walnut Basil Pasta that I spotted on the blog Oh She Glows.

This was AMAZING! Yum!  I loved the walnuts and the spinach in the sauce!  I modified the recipe from Oh She Glows a bit: I used baby spinach, since it was on sale, I skipped the nutritional yeast, and I did not buy fresh basil because it was super pricey.  Luckily, the school I work at sells basil plants in the summer for a small donation…unlimited basil baby!  Can’t wait for summer!  I love how it’s light out later though…I’m so much more productive!

Alright…Bachelor time!!!  I think he’s going to pick Emily for sure!

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