Now it feels like spring!

Well…we started out April with a snow storm…nope, not an April Fool’s joke.   But this weekend  has been a beautiful and sunny one with temps in the 60s…me likey. 🙂  We got some yard work done yesterday and then stopped at our local watering hole for some happy hour drinks!  Our backyard is really shaping up!  Today, Matt went fishing with his brother, and I enjoyed my alone time and aired out the house. 

I also got some grocery shopping done and prepared a couple of things for the week, including some tabbouleh and potato salad.  Meanwhile, my chicken was marinading, waiting for Matt to get back from fishing.  I saw a marinade on Iowa Girl Eats that I knew I had to try.  It comes from another blog, 1 cup awesome…. Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs

OMG OMG OMG…new favorite marinade!  It was soooo good! I served the delicious chicken and scrumptious onions and peppers over quinoa.

I love when we grill!  Summer is just around the corner! (Ummm..and Florida!  Two weeks! Eeeee!)

Well…our gardens are ready, the winter debris is cleaned up from the yard, and the feeders are filled for the birds that have returned!  “Welcome back, friends!”  Matt literally said this out loud to the our little visitors…haha!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful spring weekend!

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2 Responses to Now it feels like spring!

  1. Wow! We are so honored that you would choose to make our recipe and that you enjoyed it. The marinade was put together on the fly and we were thrilled when we realized how great it tasted. And the Quinoa is amazing with it too!

    If like grilling, stay tuned. Next month we’ll featured grilled meals for a whole week straight!

    Thanks again. Make and eat something awesome!

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