Hi, my name is Ashlee!  I am 24 years old and live in good old New Hampshire with my wonderful husband Matt!  We love it here because it’s close enough to the ocean and cities like Boston, we have beautiful mountains to hike & ski, and both of our families live here, too!  We recently bought a house in a small town and we are enjoying exploring a new area of our state.

Cooking & Eating…Well!

I absolutely love to cook, and have been trying so many new recipes and ideas since we moved into our new house!  I try to cook healthy meals and eat healthy throughout the day, but  I am definitely not afraid to indulge (nachos are my fave splurge….well let’s be honest, anything with cheese gets me!)  I believe in eating well MOST of the time and splurging sometimes. 

My favorite things to cook are stir fry, soups and chilis, and quick weeknight meals.  I am never afraid to try something new in the kitchen (if I hit a speed bump, I just ask Matt or call my mom- both fabulous cooks!)  We also love dining out and trying new restaurants, which I will definitely be sharing about!

Get moving!

I am a firm believer that you need to eat healthy AND exercise to feel your best– NOT one or the other.  Matt and I live in a great neighborhood for running and talking walks, which we try to take advantage of.  I also make an effort to hit the gym as much as possible or use workout programs at home.  Whenever I don’t feel like working out, I remind myself of how amazingly good I feel when I am finished.  Just like in the kitchen, I love trying new ways to stay fit.  Some things I have tried are cardio kickboxing, pilates, yoga, and kettlebell (WHOA…kettlebell is tough but so worth it!)  I love sharing what I am up to in the gym and new things that work for me!

  I have many other interests that I will share with you along the way (skiing, traveling, hiking to name a few).  I love spending time with my husband, and we both love discovering new things to do in NH, spending time with family and friends, and meeting new people. 



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  1. Great blog so far!!!! Looking forward to seeing where it goes!

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